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Try Doing

As the weeks and months go by, as I get older and questionably more wiser, the importance of enjoying and appreciating the truly important things in life becomes a higher and higher priority for me.

Although I try to improve myself for things that may not be directly related to “life”, things like becoming a good employee and being someone who is dependable on getting things done, I do so to allow me to have a more enjoyable life overall. Doing something that you’re passionate about as your job, helping others and brightening their days and doing things that makes the world a better place may fall under the umbrella of “work” and may not measure up to surfing the west coast of America or chilling out with your buddies at a BBQ with some beers, but it does most definitely brighten up your life.

When compared to a soul sucking work environment where all you do is remedial tasks for “the man” with no passion or love behind it will not only make your time in work hell, but also have you not fully enjoying your time off because you’ll be dreading having to go back.

Constantly improving yourself and developing your character and professional skills will not only allow you to develop a clear idea of what it is you’re passionate about but will also put you in a position where either employers would be stupid not to hire you or allow you to build your own business. Hell, the reason I’m trying to improve my skills so much outside of work is to try and not only figure out what it is I want to do for the rest of my life but also to give me the skills to know how to go about getting it.

You could say the same about why I train and set myself new goals every year. Often, people who are dedicated to the gym and their nutrition are seen as people with so many rules that just restrict them in all aspects of life. People who need to “lighten up” or “take a day off”. I get that and I can see how from the outside that’s how it looks, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having your nutrition and exercise dialed in and having them both as an enjoyable part of your life will not only give you that sense of control and accomplishment at the end of every day but it will also allow you to be able to do the fun stuff when it comes about. You can’t rock climb if you’re morbidly obese. You can’t hike up that hill if you have a bad knee. You can’t fill in for a friends tag rugby team if you’re too slow and stiff.

Being able to do all these things is anything but restricting, in fact, it’s totally liberating. You can do whatever the fuck you want. You can be that awesome parent who’s still messing with their kids at age 50. You can still be that dude who’s keeping up with the 20 year olds in the runs. You can be whatever person you want to be because nobody is going to stop you. And everyone who can’t will be jealous, wish they “restricted” themselves at the start and will only be able to look back on the memories of the past.

At the end of the day, everything I do is done to improve my quality of life. In work, I try to do the best I can to learn, grow and develop skills to allow my future self to do something I’m passionate about. Outside of work I push myself physically and nutritionally to give myself the capability to keep up with all these things my brain wants to do. In life I’m now starting to try to enjoy more things like hiking, cycling, talking with friends and experiencing the world around me more. This part is still very much a a work in progress for me but I am working on experiencing as much as I can when I can.

This post is quite repetitive of some more recent posts on the site and for those of you have made it this far are probably wondering where the usual bombshell I drop is (as if). Really, for this installment, there isn’t anything new here because I’ve said it all before. It is known that this is how I think and the direction I’m trying to bring myself. However, it has been on my mind a great deal more this week because of one Reddit post I seen during the week.

Reddit, along with twitter, is my most prevalent source of information. From Gaming to Engineering, Videos to World News. Reddit offers me it all. Every now and again however you come across a post that really hits you hard. Something you nearly die laughing at, something that drives a new passion or maybe something that reinstates the idea that life is for living. That is exactly what this post was.

The title, “This is what Early Onset Dementia Looks Like“, was pretty powerful in itself. Contained within, were a number of photos showing the OP’s (Original Poster) mother and how the last 10 years of Dementia have affected her. The images are powerful enough alone but the captions describe a loving, caring and outgoing woman deteriorating into someone who, apparently, has no signs of knowing what’s going on around her.

The last image, one of her laughing and smiling for absolutely no reason is captured with something incredibly powerful.

“I really hope she dies soon”

Those lines have played on my mind all week. Several times a day I’ll think of them and wonder what it must be like to think that, and for that to be a positive outlook on the situation.

For me, and for the OP in question, this situation and outlook drives home one point.

Live your fucking life. Dont fucking waste it on some shit you don’t care about. Dont waste it talking to people you don’t like and don’t fucking dare do anything but try to brighten the lives of those around you. I implore you all to do your best to live a life worth living, because any of us could die tomorrow and end up having wasted our entire existence here.

We’ve all got a life, the problem is most of us don’t fucking live the damn thing.