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Does This Mean I’m Getting Better? – Daily Blog #31

Yesterday, sitting down to write, I realised that the ideas for these posts were starting to come to me more naturally throughout the day.

I’d love to say that was the case for all 30 previous daily blogs, but Jesus it wasn’t. Most of them have consisted of me making an ongoing, conscious effort to find and remember ideas as the day went on, only to still be left staring at a flashing cursor for well over 30 minutes as my mind tried to find some inspiration.

I’ve got a couple of goals I want to achieve when it comes to my writing, goals that I’m hoping these 365 blogs will help with. Right now I’m working on reducing the time it takes for me to go from idea to finished post, even if that means the¬†actual fabrication of said ideas on page is a little sloppy sometimes. The refinement element is a subsequent goal I’ll tackle once I get this speed thing under control a bit more.

And its great to see some progress on that front even just after a months worth of writing.

That was until today. I’ve been thinking about what to write for well over an hour now, drawing nothing but blanks. I’ve had some ideas flash before my eyes, but none of them really formed enough to get more than a sentence on. Not good enough.

I do realise that this “failure” has still lead to a post being created, and there is something very meta about that.

So I guess the real topic of this post isn’t that I wasn’t able to think of something for it, but that I’m starting to get a little bit better on the back-end of them.

Very philosophical, don’t you think?

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