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Daily Blog #1 – 2016.01.20

There’s a certain grace and charisma that emanates from a person who can speak well. Its captivating and flowing, drawing you into a conversation that would otherwise be dull and lifeless. This, I believe, is a skill that seems to be fading, certainly one that I far from posses.

This blog was never supposed to be about anything other then getting me to lose weight. It was ment to be a tool, a crutch, for me to use when motivation was low, helping me power thorough times when food was screaming out to be eaten. Now, some 5 (Christ) years later, it looks and feels totally different.

There are many reasons for this of course (career change, personal growth and emigration to name but a few) and truth be told I’m happier then ever to still have it as part of my life and who I am.

And although this website was always something I was happy to have started, for a long time there was one huge element of it that I hated – the writing. I loved that feeling I got after having sat down, but the actual sitting down and doing was torture.

Over the last few years though, that’s all changed. I don’t know if its because I started reading or if I now have a slightly better ability to formulate my thoughts into words in a somewhat tangible way, but in any case I now enjoy the writing part of this website.

All that said, better isn’t a synonym for good, and now’s the time in which I try to change that. And although there are a million and one ways in which I could do that, it would seem to me at least that every successful writer and content creator says that getting better at your craft is simple: Just get out and do it.

This is my do.

For the next year I am challenging myself to write and post something every day. Some will be short, some will be long, and the topics will be broad. But with a little bit of luck they will hopefully get better as the weeks and months go on.

I’m excited to give it a shot and what changes I could make, but I’m nervous as all hell at the looming scale this challenge will take. I even thought the last few months of my video of the day project dragged.

Alas, if I seriously want to get better at writing, which I do, this is one way to do it. So wish me luck.

As for the rules and details, I’m going to keep it pretty simple: one post every day from now until the 19th of January 2018 with a 90% compliance rate. This 10% buffer I’m giving myself should help alleviate the stress and worry surrounding missing a post – something which will be very much appreciated on days where things get out of control or I get plagued with a, totally random (as if), mind numbing hangover.

So, here’s to the next 365 days. Hopefully I can stick it out and maybe, just maybe, I’ll create one or two posts I’m proud of!

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