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Could You Answer A Question For Me? – Daily Blog #37

Why in the name of all that is holy did whatsapp decide to jump onto the 24 hour stories bandwagon?

Snapchat had it first. A great feature and pretty novel.

Then Instagram stole it. I don’t really see the point but fine, whatever.

Last week Facebook added it. I hate Facebook but it’s some peoples only social media, so again it kind of makes sence (kinda).

But whatsapp, really? Whatsapp is a messaging platform, not a social media one. It’s not even close to being one. Not even remotely. It’s a messaging service. End of story.

I can safely say that just like Instagram and Facebook stories, this will be a feature that I not only chose not to use, but flat out ignore. God damn it world, what is happening to you?

Rant over!

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