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Cold Weather Turned Me Into A Photographer – Daily Blog #19

This morning I went for a walk, took the GoPro, and got this awesome shot.

I’m not going to claim to be a photographer, but I love the way the steam is coming off the icy cold river and just how pristine the snow looks.

The walk itself was pretty class too. The temperatures were well into the -20’s, the sun was high in the sky, and the air felt sharp. Getting all wrapped up and heading out into it for a morning walk was nothing short of bliss.

Ireland has it’s fair share of cold weather too, but it’s a wet and damp kinda cold. It’s the kinda cold that gets into your bones and takes hours to warm up from. Here it’s so dry that although the temperature gauge reads a hell of a lot lower, a couple of minutes back indoors and you’re good to go.

Personally, the cold winters are well up there as being one of the best things about this part of the world. I love the need to prep to go outside, and a fresh dusting of snow can make even the most industrial of areas looks so god damned pretty.

Low Temps Fo Lyf.

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