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Better Than Top Gear – Daily Blog #70

Yes, this is another YouTube post. And yes, it is worth your time.

Ever hear of BroScienceLife or Dom Mazzetti? Well that guys real name is Mike Tornabene.

Mike has a few channels, and while BroScienceLife was my favorite for a long time, it’s not any more. That award now goes to his Gnarpm stuff.

While essentially it’s a car channel, the thing I really love about the Gnarpm videos is that each one always gets me excited. Always leaves me feeling excited.

And the quality is improving so much with each new video and his latest one is no exception.

It screams of TopGear, but better. The production quality, cinematography, editing, creative flair, all of it.

Honestly it is videos like this, videos which scream hard work and pride, that inspire me to continue to build up my creative side and get it out there in the world.

If you’ve got a spare 6 minutes (which you do), this is worth a watch.

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