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Being Responsible Isn’t The Same As Being At Fault – Daily Blog #68

Easily the worst exam I’ve ever done. Hands down. All bets in. Results are unanimous. Just the worst.

I had given it a solid effort too and going in I was actually somewhat confident. But those first few minutes, that initial reading of all the questions? Well, I knew it was going to be bad. It was as if my entire soul slumped down, out of my body, and just went “Shiiiiieet”.

All I could do was get stuck in, hope for the best, and see how it went. Confidence wasn’t exactly high because I’d never done chemistry before, but what more could I do?

Eighteen fucking percent. Not even half of the passing grade.

And while nowadays I’m a bit weary at pointing fingers, I don’t think it was my fault. Or least not all my fault. Our lecturer fell a little short of the usual TCD standard, so much so that even students with a chemistry background struggled to understand what he was going on about. And that didn’t leave much hope for little old me, did it?

Hindsight will always say that I could have done more and prepped better, but at the time I thought I had. I had spent hours and hours getting my head around the subject and was going into the exam confident that I would do ok. I had already pushed the limits of study time allocated to chemistry, given that I also had 9 other exams to prep for, too.

But the hard truth of it all is that I was the only person who cared about any of that. I was the only one who stood to lose anything by me failing this exam. So while I might not have been at fault for failing it, I was definitely the only one responsible for passing it.

But being responsible for something isn’t the same as being at fault. It’s totally different.

Being responsible for something isn’t the same as being at fault.

The company you work for could get bought out and you could be made redundant – it’s not your fault that you need to look for a new job, but it’s without doubt your responsibility.

You might have a damaged knee from getting hit with a car – not your fault that you struggle to exercise but it’s still your responsibility to look after your health and get better.

Chances are you’ve got 99 problems right now that aren’t exactly your fault. But that doesn’t matter, it’s still your responsibility to fix them. No-one else is coming to do it for you because they honestly just don’t care. They have their own responsibilities to worry about.

No-one else is coming to do it for you because they honestly just don’t care.

So while cleaning up someone’s mess is a tough pill to swallow, if it’s going to impact your life then you’ve got a responsibility to do it.

If you don’t? Well, you’re the only one who’s going to lose out.

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