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An Advert That I’m Happy To Share – Daily Blog #39

Yesterday was an important day for movie makers, but not because of the Oscars.

Ok fine. The Oscars were up there alright, but I’m talking about an advert that aired during the commercials.

The advert, for Samsung phones, shows just how powerful these little devices have become and how capable they are at creating incredibly good-looking shots. This in itself isn’t really that ground breaking. They are trying to sell a product after all.

The real reason that I believe it was a pretty big deal is that the theme of the advert was based on Youtube and low-budget content creators.

Casey Neistat headed up the video, who, if you’re not familiar with, can be quite polarising.

Some people, like myself, love him. He has a huge following and is one of YouTube’s most popular creators. On the other hand, some can’t stand him, find him rude and brash, or even just can’t watch his “ugly face”.

I’ll admit I was initially on the other side of the fence; I wasn’t a huge fan. But, I did have to credit his video style which just kept drawing me in deeper and deeper. It took me a long time to really settle on why that was, but when I did put the proverbial finger on it, I was forever converted.

His videos, or movies as he calls them, all look so effortless and true to life that you really do feel that you’re just there, tagging along for the ride. He does it so well, so much better than anyone I’ve ever watched before, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve.

Back in the day he got a bit of stick for “settling” for Youtube. He’s had a fully professional career on TV and making commercials for brands like Nike. But he doesn’t see it as settling.

Just like me he sees YouTube as being the most true form of video, creating a window into the lives of millions of people and backgrounds across the world in very simple way. It’s giving access to easily spread messages and giving rise to the next generation of truly gifted creators.

The very low barrier to entry has led to the creation of incredibly high quality content from every category you could think off. Now you don’t have to settle for what the TV stations think you should be watching, and can find something you want to watch that’s created by like minded people.

Yes this is an advert and yes it’s for a company that’s looking to sell a product. I know that.

But the truth is that I think this will have a positive impact for a community that should be getting more support and recognition. The skill and talent some of these creators are showing is just amazing. And as someone who is constantly trying to improve their creative side, someone one day hoping to move onto the video medium, that is awfully exciting.

And that’s why I think this is such a big deal – This advert has created yet another bridge from the old ways of everyday to online “new age” formats. This is a step towards these creators getting more of the credit they deserve and the fact that it’s headed up by such a big influencer in the industry could really yield big returns.

I’m really excited to see what the next few years of online content consumption looks like, and I think that this is a huge step in the right direction.

You can check out the actual advert below, but if you’d like to see a behind the scenes Vlog, Casey posted one here.

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