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A$AP – As $oon As Possible?

Wana know a secret? Well, not a secret per say, but definitely something about me that very few people realise. That’s not because I don’t talk about it or because I don’t want people to know, it’s really just because it’s so unexpected.

It’s actually so unexpected that despite the fact I’ve written about it in the past, people STILL seem to forget that it’s a part of me and my personality. The “Secret”? I absolutely love hip hop.

I know that I’m one of the whitest boys around, but if I had a dollar for everyone who was shocked by me spitting out the lyrics to some classic Dre or 2pac, I’d have at three whole dollars.

I’ve already written about why the genre appeals to me, so I’m not going to go into that again, but I do want to tell you about a particular artist that has been a huge inspiration to me in the last few months!

That artist would be A$AP Rocky, and I’ve been more or less exclusively listening to him for the last few months. In fact, his song “Everyday” is one I’ve had on repeat for at least 90 days now! The song is just damn near perfection! (Which could also be in part caused by the fact it’s a mash-up with Rod Stuart, who is also awesome!)

Now, I’d bet that for those of you who aren’t hugely familiar with A$AP, that there is already one thing that is annoying you about him; the fact that he’s essentially called himself “As Soon as Possible”.

Now, I’ll admit, when I first discovered him I wasn’t too huge on that either. I didn’t really understand the appeal and honestly thought it was just to make him sound edgy or something. Little did I know that it would be this questionable choice of name that would eventually end up being the most inspirational part of him for me!

A few months ago, I came across a 5 part YouTube documentary on A$AP that was created by the guys over at Vice magazine. This documentary covered all the usual stuff like his tour schedule, how he got into music and his childhood, which non-stereotypically wasn’t totally full of guns and drugs!

Rocky came across as someone who was incredibly intelligent, open minded and HEAVILY focused on achieving his dreams. This alone was enough for him to inspire me to achieve more, but it wasn’t until I realized what the A$AP actually stands for that my mind was totally blown!

A$AP, in this case, actually stands for “Always Strive and Prosper”

Just take a second to think about that.

Always Strive and Prosper.

Always. Strive. And Prosper.

Always – Not sometimes, not for a few weeks, ALWAYS. Every second of every day!

Strive – Work hard for it. Do absolutely everything you can for it and don’t stop at the first sign of hardship or failure.

And Prosper – Work and work until you’ve made you’re way to the top, Stopping not a second sooner.

Not only is that totally awesome, but it’s an amazingly simple way to summarize what it realistically takes to achieve your dreams! A$AP, knowing how important this mindset is and that constant reminder would increase his chances of success, decided that MAKING IT HIS DAMN NAME was a good idea.

And I totally agree!

I’m not sure how much more I can say. Either you want something bad enough to follow A$AP’s lead, or you don’t. Either way is fine so long as you accept that. But if you do want something, and I mean really want it, take a leaf out of his book. Consistently work hard and strive for the top. Always Strive and Prosper.



This censored version is almost better than the original in some weird way. Love the “Holla if you need some… (suck it)!”

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