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A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down, And Makes You Need More, Too – Daily Blog #64

Jay Ferruggia was one of the first people I ever bought a training program off. And while I can’t quite remember what that program was, I did end up following his ways for quite a few years, even becoming a member of his Renegade Strength Club.

Being a New Jersey-ien, he always comes across as energetic, in your face, and isn’t afraid to hurt feelings a little in the name of education. And I feel like more people should be hurting feelings when it comes to sugar – My bets are on it ending up being the “smoking” our time; we just don’t realise how much damage it’s doing.

I think we eat too much, underestimate the damage it’s doing, and fail to address the emotional issues that cause us to mindlessly eat the stuff. For lent I decided to give up all forms of added sugar. Well, most of them. Things like chocolate, biscuits, crisps, sugar on weetabix – simple things.

I say for lent, but I’ll actually be stopping a whole week before Easter Sunday because apparently lent is 47 days this year, not 40, and I’m not exactly religious enough to care. I think I’m four weeks or so into it and I’m finally starting to adjust, but I’m quite shocked at how difficult it was for me. I honestly didn’t think I was eating all that much, but I should have known better; I definitely have a low-level addiction to it.

Good timing then for me to listen to a somewhat recent podcast of Jay’s in which he talks to a sugar expert – and it would appear that my fears of sugar being worse than I thought are true.

Even if you’ve no interest in strength training or even nutrition as a whole, it’s worth a listen. Sugar is bad, yo. And I mean, really bad. Apparently a dose that’s high enough to start doing damage is as little as a couple of squares of dark chocolate. And we all know few of us stop short of a full bar.

And while I don’t mean to scare, I still think you should be. Everyone talks a about being healthy and having the ability to do the things we love long into the future, but if my generation, fuck, every generation, continues to eat sugar at the rate that we are, we won’t be around long enough for that to even be an issue.

You can check out Jay’s podcast on sugar, here.

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