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A New Addition To Me Essential Daily Carry – Daily Blog #43


EDC – or Essential/Every Daily Carry – is a pretty hot topic. You can find a plethora of websites, blogs, and subreddits dedicated to the things that people carry around with them every day. Things that make them more productive and others that are just useful.

My EDC is pretty light and pretty self-explanatory, but lets run through it real quick.

  • My Phone – A Rekt HTC One M9
  • My Wallet – A Secrid in brown leather
  • My Keys
  • My Notebook – A Moleskin Cahier Journal
  • My Pen – A Zebra Extendable.

The last few weeks though, really since I got home, there has been one thing I’ve usually got on me, so much so it’s essentially EDC.

A hot water bottle.

I know, I know. I’ve made this daily blog about the cold here in Ireland quite a few times now, but shit it’s fucking cold. I thought that I’d have warmed up by now. I guess not.

I have also learned that hot water bottles are pretty damn nice to have, especially in bed. That feeling of being too warm to touch is comforting down by your feet and the heat they put out is instant and soothing.

I would prefer not to need it though, so lets hope this damn weather warms up soon!

EDC click-bate, eh?

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