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2016 – A New Direction?

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As you all know, I am a man of habit. For good or for bad, if I develop a habit around something it is quite difficult for me to break it! Being aware of this fact, I can plan and use it to my advantage.

Two habits that I particularly love are my yearly summary and goal setting posts. The pair of which allow me to reflect on months passed and prepare for months future.

I love reflecting over the past year for host of reason. Not only does it remind me of all the great times, but gives me chance to appreciate them.

With all our focus on improving and growing, we can often forget how far we’ve come. This can belittle our efforts and drain our motivation.

2015 – The Summary

I like to piggyback on this positive reflection with a positive outlook to the future. Although “new years” resolutions do have cons, there is a lot to say about starting new year with new goals.

The fresh start mentality paired with the positivity of last years learnings is powerful. If we pair it with dedication, want and planning, there is little we can’t achieve.

In years past, my main goals were around getting lean and strong, with some focus on expanding my mind. 2016 sees a shift in that mentality.

Now that my fitness and health habits are pretty deeply rooted, I can move my focus elsewhere. I can start to develop myself into someone with the skills to build an entire life, not just a body, that the love.

With all that said here are my goals, in no particular order, for 2016!

  • Read at least 12 books

I thoroughly enjoyed this last year, and see it as a must going forward! It had a far larger impact then I was expecting and I, like many others, recommend reading to everyone!

  • Listen to 24 Albums

This, too, is a carry over from previous years, but with a twist. I have found that although I’m listening to more new music, older stuff I love I tend to forget about.

This year, I want to stop that. So along with one new album a month, I want to listen to one I haven’t in years. Hopefully this will help alleviate the issue!

  • Handstand Practice – 3 Times a week Minimum

I’ve been trying to learn the handstand for years now. Years. And I still don’t have it nailed. Although I am much better I still don’t have it down. 

This year that will change. Come the year’s end, I’ll never NOT be upside down!

  • 1 Second Video A Day

This is something I seen on Reddit. I was going to do the “Photo A Day” challenge, but with my new-found love for video this sounds like a great idea.

As of 2017, I will have one second of video for every day of the year! Something I cant wait to see!

  • Move More, Daily

Although I usually have a mobility or movement routine on the go, I feel its time for a change. Not only did it previously feel very “chore like”, but I always ended up adding things on.

This meant that an initial 15 minute plan ended up being 45 minutes long and something I either hated or didn’t do at all.

So in order to bring back the joy and actually keep it up, I’m going to employ shorter, more frequent bouts of movement. I have a plan of 8 different movement habits which I will implement one at time over the next 16 weeks! This is very much influenced by my friend Rory’s book “Everyday Exercise“, which, if you haven’t bought already, you should!

  • Improve my Writing

I have recently realised that these posts have been getting far too long. And not long because they need to be, long because I just waffle and ramble on.

This year, I wish to learn how to better get my points across and create content that is not only of high quality, but won’t take half your break to read!

I’m aiming to achieve this by frequently reviewing my writing and through the use of tools like the Hemingway app.

  • Kick-start a Morning Routine

It seems that every inspirational, successful person I follow has a very solid morning routine. Some are short, some are long, but all set the person up to have a productive and enjoyable day.

I’ve toyed with the idea for a while and have decided that I need to see what the fuss is about. So, similarly to my “Move More Daily” goal, I have a list of things I am going to implement over the coming weeks and months to get this ball rolling!

  • Improve my Productivity

I’m a big lover of the 80/20 rule and maximizing my efficiency. Having said that, I realise that I don’t implement it as much as I could.

So, rather than just plundering along, I want to change that. I’ll review everything I do with the aim of implementing the 80/20 rule and also start to use Pomodoro timers to maximise the time I spend working!

Someone, somewhere once said that “Although we cannot control everything that happens to us, we can control our responses”. This is something I firmly believe and always try to implement it.

I came across this challenge on the Tim Ferriss website and it sounded like something that would be insanely difficult, but something I could only learn from!

What about you? Do you have any goals or resolutions you are aiming for? If you do, let me know!

I love talking about this kind of stuff and would love to hear what readers are pursuing! Hell, even if you think I can help in some way, reach out and I’ll do my best!

Here’s to a kick as 2016!


GD says:

Can I take you up on that offer? ; ) I’d love to try goal/target setting, but don’t even know where to begin! 🙂

Of course! Being a “real world” friend I already have your details, I’ll send a mail 😀

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