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2015 – The plan for LiftLargeAndProsper

Sitting here, I cannot believe that it is January again. 2014 is dead and gone and 2015 is upon is. It’s time to go out and own that shit. 2014 wasn’t a great year for LLAP. The quantity and quality of posts dropped off once I finished S2B and really, that’s something I have no one but myself to blame for. It’s a shame because this website is something I want to be proud off and although I often get told that people enjoy the content that I post to it, it is not what I want or envision it being and 2015 will be the year I work on that.

2015 will see a new face and direction for lift large and proper. I will be moving the website to a new, cleaner layout and I have a number of idea’s I want to implement based around the site being a complete database of knowledge for those either new to lifting or even experienced lifters looking to brush up on their skills. I will be looking at getting regular posts up along with having a separate area for a more personal blog around my own personal development. The site will eventually cover not only the important aspects of exercise, but also nutrition and improvement in all area’s of life.

This however will take time. I have started working on the move but do not see it being done in the next few weeks. It will take time and a number of posts will have to be completed in the mean time before I can release it live. So for now, posts will be few and far between, but with plenty of background work going on to get it bigger and better.

Over the next week however I will be creating a number of posts on a 2014 summary, my goals for 2015 and a brief synopsis of my current training mindset. Hopefully the new site will be up and running before the end of February! For now however, I just want you all to know to keep a look out for some changes coming your way. I appreciate all the kind words and comments I got about the site over christmas, which has helped to light a fire under my ass to get this show on the road.

To 2015, the year of the swoly bible.


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