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2014, On Your Bike!

Yet another January rolls around and yet another year is complete. As usual, I like to summarise very briefly my year and go over some of the key points that I feel made it what it was! 2014 was a great year for training, not only in terms of personal progress but also for really expanding my knowledge and understanding of some of the basic concepts and determining what really is important when it comes to training, nutrition and mobility. I figure this is important enough to warrant its own separate post, so be sure to check back for that in the coming weeks. I’m not sure if it will be before or after the site change, but it will be there none the less.

Anyway, onto summarising the year. Unfortunately enough, it didn’t start off too well. My old place of employment closed it’s doors on December 31st, 2013 and as such I was left unemployed for the first half of the year. Although this had some benefits like having plenty of time to train and cook, the negatives of it all far outweigh any small positives.

Making a very long and dull story short I eventually found myself working in St James Gate Brewery in Dublin, meaning that not only did I have an opportunity to move back to the city, but also include some other things I had been missing in my life due to living away from both Dublin and Tullamore. The issue this caused was my free time was either spent at home away from almost everyone or living out of a bag in either town hoping for some plans to materialise whilst visiting someone.

So in short, although I was sad to leave Kilkenny, moving to Dublin was nothing but a good thing. It gives me plenty of free time to train, eat, hang out with friends and do lots of cool fun stuff. It also gives me the opportunity to see my much missed Tullamore friends a bit more often, something I had let slip for far far too long.

Training for 2014 went quite well too. The first quarter or so of the year was spent finishing out S2B and the corresponding photo shoot (Full post on that in the archive!) before moving back onto my beloved Jason Ferruggia style workouts. I did make some rookie mistakes in the frustration after S2B that lead to some injuries but overall I learned a great deal from it. Finishing out the year I feel strong, solid and like I’m really in the zone when it comes to effectively working out, something that is a new priority for me the last number of months.

Overall, despite getting off to a rocky start, with a few lumps and bumps of varying size during the year, 2014 ended on a very high note. The friends were near, the drinks were cold and the crack was mighty.

Now onto my usual photo summary of the year!

Let’s do it!

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January and February

2014-02-25 11.20.24

January and February seen my come into the final phase of the Scrawny to Brawny. It consisted of a great deal of conditioning which meant that this was my view for 30 minutes a day! Gotta get them selfies going to keep yourself sane! Overall I found the leaning out process to be fine, especially considering I was unemployed at the time so had plenty of time to dedicate to the cause.

March and April

2014-03-22 15.57.42

March’s main aim was getting ready for and following through with the S2B photo shoot. Fully shaved, spray tanned and dehydrated in I went. After some water, this was my first meal. A nice coffee, scone and some jam. tasty as.

April and May

2014-06-01 16.08.13

In April I FINALLY ended up going on the annual Donegal trip organised by my friend Kate. A weekend of drinking and crack. The island is crazy, and smugglers night club is just like an overage, tame harriers. Good times!

July and August

 2014-07-05 12.26.18  

I, yet again, ended up at the British Formula One Grand Prix this year. Second time around it was just as good. An F1 Fan or not, I’d recommend going and seeing a race. The atmosphere is amazing.


September and October

2014-10-03 21.12.01

In October I went and seen Ed Sheeran. What a Man. I’m going to leave it at that.

November and December

2014-12-27 01.27.52

And to wrap it all off, I not only got hammered with this crowd (and a few others) on Stephen’s night, but also rang in the new year with some of them also! What a way to end it!

Hopefully your 2014 was on par with mine and lets hope even more that both our 2015s are even better. I’ll be sticking up another post soon on what I want to achieve this year and the goals that I’m going to set myself. But until then, thanks a bunch for the memories!