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2013 In Review

This time last year I wrote a post in which summarized how my 2012 went. I included some photos of the main events and at the end I included an update on how my goals finished up at the end of the 12 months. I thought it would be a nice idea to do this again and I’ll also create a ‘sister’ post on the goals I’m going to set for 2014! Lets kick it off!

January and February


After breaking the leg, I was looking forward to walking down with no crutches and feeding the ducks. I was told I looked like I was about to murder the poor things, but I actually just gave em some bread!

March and April



May and June


First ever F1 Race. 2013 British GP. Definitely something I’ll try do every year. Amazing experience!

July and August

Aug (2)

As a birthday present to me, I bought myself my first PC build. Haven’t looked back since!

September and October


September seen holidays for a week in Marbella with nine friends. Great experience and would love to do the same this year!

November and December


In November I seen Queens of the Stone age in the O2 in Dublin. Their newest album is one of my favourite of all time and it was a pretty good gig. Happy days all around!


Moving on from photos, I had set myself some goals for 2013 and most of those went pretty well! Here’s a break down of exactly how they went!

 1. Continue to listen to one new album a month, having a list of 12 “Album’s of the month” come January 2014.

This is a carry over from 2012. I found I liked discovering new music so much to keep it going as a yearly thing. I’ve created a Youtube playlist of my favorite songs from each album and below is a list of the albums themselves!

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2. Watch 20 new films this year.

Done and Done. Eventually I’ll have seen the majority of films everyone ‘should see’.

3. Complete any physio on my ankle/leg and get back to full mobility as much as possible.

This I am proud to say I did. It took hours and hours and hours of dedicated rolling and soft tissue work but I’m pretty much back to 100%. Some lost mobility but nothing to major!

4. Continue to concentrate on getting 8 hours sleep a night.

I actually averaged out at about 9 hours sleep a night. Having a dedicated bed time and making it a priority really does help in getting this done.

5. Continue to take notes as required throughout the day.

I did this as required, however it wasn’t needed as much as it was last year. Because of the nature of my working hours and the apartment situation, I wasn’t as short on time as I once was and the workload was reduced. This ment that I only whipped out my notebook when things got a little more busy.

6. Start my own “Cookbook” for personal use.

I started this pretty much straight away and still use it from day-to-day. Just some PDF’s in a folder but it does the job!

7. Do this at least 5 times a week, starting once I can walk without a crutch pain-free again.

Yup, thankfully I have the time in the morning to do this, and it really does help start off the day!

8. I recently purchased a mobility plan from Steve Maxwell. Come the start of February I want to do this at least twice a week, probably at the weekends.

Although I did do this, I didn’t do it as often as I wanted to. I did however still do mobility work as part of my warm up for the gym, which I’m happy with as a replacement. The Steve Maxwell one is great, but takes too much time to complete and with all other health things I have going on it had to take a back seat!

9. Continue to eat hard, train hard and get bigger, stronger, leaner and faster. 

This is definitely completed. The gym and that aspect of my life has taken up so much of my energy this year. Thankfully I am glad to say I have gotten some positive results from it and it has never been clearer to me that to achieve anything in this area the one thing you need to be is dedicated. Which out dedication, you will get nowhere!

10. Sprint twice a week at least.

This one I kept up until the start of S2B when I was told to stop for the time being at the start of the program. Although sprinting became a part of S2B in the later months I never re-introduced it because it was being used to control fat gain. Because my fat gain wasn’t that rapid, I left it out in a hope to add-on more mass. When my photo-shoot in March comes around we will soon find out if it worked or not!  I’m counting this as completed because of this!

11.Go on at least 4 hikes around Ireland with friends. Nothing crazy, something to look forward to, a drive to go on, and some fresh air to intake.

Unfortunately this didn’t happen. Between working during the week and traveling between Tullamore and Dublin on alternate weekends I never got to be in Dublin when my friends were doing this. Unfortunate and I’m going to make a bigger push on this in 2014.

12. Do monello parks driving experience course.

I did this around the time of my birthday. Loved every second of it and actually got two more deals for my birthday that I’m saving for the new year!

13. Start training my neck directly and pick myself up a harness. 

This I didn’t do because Jason Ferruggia actually changed his stance on this somewhat. Although he says it’s never a bad thing, it isn’t as ‘required’ as he once preached. Because of this, and the fact that my gym life has enough requirements with normal training, diet and recovery I decided to drop it.

14 . Work on handstand training 3 times a week.

I ended up doing this far more often than twice a week as it was part of my warm up for the gym! I also did it once or twice outside of the gym for now.

15.Buy a new foam roller and use it once a week at least.

This became part of my ankle rehab and it built a very good habit of getting it done very frequently (Every day). However, I changed positions in work and since coming back from holidays (September) I have to admit I’ve only done it a handful of times. Something I really need to get back on top of!

16. Keep Track of every one of these goals on an excel spread sheet.

This one was pretty easy and came in quite handy for this post! Defiantly something I’d recommend for those tracking goals! After all, they do say that if it gets measured or tracked, it will get done!


Overall my 2013 was a pretty good year. The events themselves shaped the year quite well and I have no real regrets with anything. I worked hard, trained hard and played hard too. Once I come out happy, it couldn’t have been that bad! Although I met most of my goals for the year, some did fall down some and if I’m honest I am a little disappointed in myself about this.  Admittedly there was a good few more than in previous years but there wasn’t so many that it would have been impossible to do them all.

However, looking back its quite easy to see why some of them failed. I had just been spending too much time and effort on fitness orientated things and not getting a similar amount of “return” for it. Don’t get me wrong, I know each thing I was doing was proving to be beneficial in some way and for professional athletes who have time to make it their life it is worth every second. Unfortunately I had other commitments which meant spending the level of time I was spending on my fitness just proved to be too much to keep up in the long run. Going forward, I want to find a nice balance for this. I might not foam roll every single day, but maybe just twice a week. The same with mobility work, I might not be able to do the full Steve Maxwell thing regularly, but a smaller mobility warm up before training is a good substitution. This is something I could have only learned by failing and as such, is something I’m not going to get hung up on. From now I’m going to look forward, revisit my training and fitness and see what I actually need to do and when I’m going to do it.

That brings and end to the 2013 summary and here’s hoping 2014 is as good. In the coming days I’m going to set out my goals for this year and see just what it is I’m going to aim to get done in the next 12 months!