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2012 Restart – The Exercise.


In order to lose weight, or in this case, body fat, you have to focus on a number of things. The main two (but definitely not limited too) are diet and exercise. I’ll cover my diet in another post but as far as exercise goes I’ve kept it real simple…

It revolves a lot around kettlebell work, skipping and body weight exercises. These are all great to build up strength and help cut fat from the body. I started skipping for the first time back in January. Before this, I couldn’t skip at all, never mind at a fast pace. So I took it nice and easy, slowly building up speed until I was comfortable doing if for longer and longer period’s. Right now I’m pretty much skipping at the speed I’m happy with and do it for ten minutes. This ten minutes consists of 30 seconds on, followed by 30 seconds off. It’s great to get the heart rate up and get the body moving before working out, so I do it at the start of my exercise.

I won’t detail my exact training program here, but one of my favourite exercises at the minute is the kettlebell swing. It is the core kettlebell exercise, with a lot of other ones using it as a compound part of it. It’s great for increasing your driving power and involves a lot of the muscles in the body. It also is a very similar movement to a block in american football so because of that, I will see gains on the field too. Since I started doing these as part of my training I’ve noticed my legs getting bigger and bigger. That’s never really been an issue for me, my legs grow like weeds, but what has me surprised is that only after two months of training for fat loss, rather than strength (you can’t really have one without the other, but you can tailor the exercise to target one), my legs are the biggest they have ever been, with less visible fat. This says a lot for the effectiveness of the KB swing (considering it was only 2/3 months of effective working out), and it is because of this that I would recommend anyone who doesn’t workout at a gym or other venue with barbells to buy one and work with it. It can be used for a lot of different things (I’m also using KB’s for back work, farmers walks, shoulder work, and more) and because of the nature of the movements, targets your entire body. I would even press people who do work out in gyms to use the KB’s as part of their workout!

The other part of training that I’m focusing on is my sprinting. I do this either once or twice a week, depending on the week that’s in it (once this week for example would mean twice next week). I do at least five sprints in a session, more if I’m feeling energetic, and push myself to the limit. These are a great explosive exercise that increase natural testosterone production, increase fat loss greatly and of course increase your speed. They hit the legs hard too. They are great for strengthening up the joints due to the fact that it’s a natural moment of the body, compared to isolation moments typical gym machines consist of. It’s also a great chance to get out, get some air, and this week in particular, get some sun! One thing I would recommend though is doing them on a field on grass. Although I don’t have that option in my current set up, it is preferred because it means less impact on your joints and the likes.

As far as this post on exercise goes, I’m going to leave it at that. I of course do other exercises, but people don’t generally find that stuff interesting. However if you do want to talk about it, just send me a text or tweet.