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2012 In Review

Nov 2012 Meatballs
This is going to be the first of two posts. One on my goals for 2013 and how I’m going to go about completing them and this one, where I review 2012 briefly and go through the goals I reached in the year!

First off, review the year in general!

January and February
Started turning my life around and not sitting on my bum all the time. Begin with the year-long goals I set as detailed at the end of this post. Began training in the apartment and was a month or so working and living in Longford. Couldn’t afford rings at the time so got some homemade ones going for the time being!
March and April
Kept at my goals and mainly started to concentrate on fat loss and my diet. Goals were being made daily! One of my favourite dishes of the year was my cottage pie! She was a tasty morsel!
Apr 2012 ingredients for cottage pie
May and June

Kept Plugging away with cooking new meals and training. All the rest of my goals at this stage were either completed or on target. Decided to move on from Cameron and look else where for work. Wasn’t very stimulating and didn’t see myself there for long. Decided life was far too short to work in a job I didn’t like at all, regardless of my lack of experience. I had enough confidence in my ability as an engineer that I could find another job and so, I started to apply.

Obligatory food picture!


May 2012 Dinner Picture
Also found the money to be able to afford my gymnastic rings. Those bad boys are amazing. Cant afford a gym? No excuse. Two bells and a set of these and your flying!
Jun 2012 Gymnastic Rings Training
July and August

Handed in my notice in Cameron for Diageo and made the move to Kilkenny. With this came a new gym. Best gym I’ve ever been too and highly recommend it. Atmosphere is great, people are sound and when you got a playground like this, whats not to love?


Aug 2012 Fennelly Fitness Strongman Area

Also, went to Peter’s Stag where one of the best pictures of Rory was ever taken.
Jul 2012 Rory Drunk
Also did a bit of flying. T’was far too long!
Aug 2012 Helicopter Spin
September and October
Plugging away in Diageo, loving it. Not the most technical of positions but definitely learning a lot and it will stand to me come my next position, whatever that may be. People are great and the workload is just perfect! Involved in loads of projects across the plant and nothing but good results were coming from work I was putting in. Change of jobs definitely worked out for me this time! Kept at the gym, was making serious gains. Seen serious speed increases on the field and was shedding fat. Was getting close to where I wanted to be, partly because of this bad boy. Bit of Prowling never did anyone any harm!
Sept 2012 Prowler Sled
Bit of Cian Minnock did though…. Webber C fracture of the right fibula, dislocated ankle and torn ligaments.
Oct 2012 Webber C Fracture

November and December

Adventures of the broken leg begin.
Adventures of the cast ended early December when I got some pins out! Ms Dorothy Niall and her team were amazing and the surgeon was a seriously sound guy. I’d let him cut me up any day!
dec 2012 hospital armband

That’s a spicy meat-a-ball!

Nov 2012 Meatballs

 Goals For 2012
Here’s a list of all the goals I had along with an estimation on when they were done. 2012 was very much a “Positive year” in terms of my overall life goals. I was using the year to set very simple and easy to meet goals, with the aim of each subsequent year getting slightly harder in terms of the work input required  I did this because it gives me a year where I know I’m going to meet my targets. I’m already off to an amazing start where 100% of my goals were met. It’s such a positive and great feeling that it really gives a boost on the next year. So that’s the reason my goals below are very simple and easy to meet, but bear in mind that I did put effort into getting them done ASAP and didn’t change my mindset on what skills and theory they gave me once they were complete! It’s important that you learn from your goals and continue on with what they thought you even when you’ve met your goal.

  • Start training in the gym for fat loss. I think a weight loss of nearly 3 stone, whilst getting stronger, faster and more athletic show’s this is done. I’m not where I want to be yet, but in terms of where my goal was for the year, I blew past that in about May!
  • Eat less processed foods – Before I broke my leg the majority of my meals were cooked from scratch myself. The odd frozen fish from Donegal catch but mostly they were cooked directly from me. When I broke my leg my diet kinda fell to processed foods again due to my leg swelling like a balloon when I stood for more than 2 seconds. It’s something that I am now back to doing and when I get back training (hopefully in the next week or two) I will be fully doing again.
  • Make notes – I got myself a Moleskine and took notes on everything. Again, since breaking my leg this has fallen to the side as I’ve not had a lot to do every evening bar rest up, but now that I’m up and around again I’m back doing it!
  • Read a single book –  I’m not a huge reader. Really don’t get into many books. I don’t know if I don’t have the attention span for them or what, but I said I wanted to read one book, technical or otherwise, in the year. For this I went with “Eat stop eat”. Technical in a sense I learned something from it, but I really enjoyed it!
  • Teach and Blog – This was rolled into one. I wanted to start a blog on my progress in fat loss and teach people about what I was doing. I did this, and have also started a second blog on car operation.
  • Start intermittent fasting and learn to not worry about food as much as I used to. I will never un-learn what IF has thought me about food and the effect it has on our mentality. Food revolves around most people’s lives. Everyone is worried about calories, getting in low-fat snacks, loosing weight. I refuse to do this from now on and just eat healthy and train hard. Once I’m eating healthy, I don’t care much more anymore.
  • Get eight hours sleep as much as possible. I can operate on about 5 hours a night, and did through college, however, it’s really not good for you. Bumped in up to 8 hours minimum. Still going strong with this one!
  • Sort out my knee problem. I had bad hips and ankles causing knee pain. I had a knee rehab program that would take about an hour extra on top of the gym a day, 7 days a week. I had put it off because of this, but I wanted to do it. Completed it just before I went and broke the leg. I was annoyed about this for a while, because I’m sure I’m going to have hip and ankle issues again now. However I soon realised that if I hadn’t got it done before breaking my leg I would have missed a goal. That made it a bit better.
  • Listen to more music. I aimed to listen to at least one new album a month. I used to listen to at least one a week, but since 4th year in college I didn’t listen to music at all any more. This was an aim to hear new stuff and get back into it. I have at least one “Album of the month” for each month, but really It ended up being closer to 20-25 new albums this year in total.So that’s it. All goals met, all targets reached and plan on continuing it going forward into 2013. Stay tuned for that post coming in the next few days. If you want any tips on starting any of these or my method of starting with a “100% target met year”, please just ask. I can talk about this stuff all day.